Hey slaves, check out My newest small penis humiliation website.

SmallPenis.LOL is a SPH fetish & public ridicule community. Small dicks get laughed at, denied orgasm & locked into chastity!
Submit your embarrassing dick pics here and show the world that abomination between your legs.

Anyone can submit a post, however only the most humiliating pics will be accepted.  And once you’re posted there’s no going back from it!

Small Penis Humiliation Fetish & Public Ridicule

Small Penis Humiliation

…. GO DO IT!! 😉

When creating that site I realized I can allow public submissions so I decided to turn it on and see what happens.  I’m almost regretting it now because it’s getting so many posts! lol.  I’ve decided to turn on public submissions on Femdom Freakshow as well and see what you losers come up with.  Beforehand, the only slaves who would be added to The Freakshow were slaves who had sessioned with Me in the past, tributed to be there or sent Me pics after completing My humiliating slave assignments.

Those of you who can’t afford My domination (and I’m sure there’s plenty of you!) now you have the opportunity to be put on parade for public humiliation and lolz like the rest of My freaks.  Again, only the best and most outrageous slave pics will be accepted there.  I want that site to be the creme de la creme of loser humiliation, hahaha.

Bye for now, bitches.

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