Oh what’s this? A tamper proof chastity cage with anti-pullout features, you say? Perhaps this is just what My runaway chastity slaves need!

Being the expert in chastity that I am, the lovely owners at LockedinLust.com have asked Me to review their “The Vice” chastity cage. They sent Me two of their top of the line chastity cages: The Vice Mini & The Vice Standard. So today, I’m going to be reviewing both of them.

What makes The Vice chastity cage different from the hundreds of of other chastity devices out there? Well, it’s the first on the market that has an anti-pullout device. Yes, you heard Me right! This cage is supposed prevent you from slipping your sneaky cock out and breaking out of chastity so you stay securely locked and controlled, whether you like it or not!

First of all, the package was shipped very discreetly. I know some of you slaves definitely don’t want to get outed to your postman, so rest assured LockedinLust has you covered! The customs description made no mention of the naughtiness inside 😉

The Vice Chastity Cage

The cage comes tucked away safely in this black velvet bag. Perfect for storing your chastity cage for when it’s not in use.

Best Chastity Cage

Wow, that’s a lot of pieces! This cage comes with 4 different rings, 4 spacers and 4 anti pullout rings to ensure you get the perfect fit.

It might have a lot of pieces but it comes with detailed instructions on how to assemble it as well as a video demonstration on YouTube here. After watching the YouTube video I was able to assemble it without a problem.

Permanent Chastity Cage

The Vice Standard chastity cage fully assembled

Once the cage is fully assembled I was surprised at the exceptional quality of the plastic. It was really smooth without any of the sharp ridges that the cheap chastity cages sometimes have. You can tell the cage is really strong and durable as well, I’m sure it will be excellent for those in long term chastity. Even the lock that is included is top quality.

Small Penis Chastity Cage

The Vice Mini chastity cage fully assembled

The Vice is available in 3 different sizes: the standard, the mini (for pin dicks) and the plus (for the .001% of slaves out there with big cocks) so there is no excuse as to why it won’t fit.

So do I recommend this chastity cage?

I do! I think it is really high quality and I’m honestly impressed. A tamper proof chastity cage with anti-pullout features happens to be EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for when dealing with wayward slaves. Imagine locking yourself in this and sending Me the key?

You can buy yours from LockedinLust HERE. Make sure to add the coupon code “PShimmy” to get $20 off your order and lower the price from $160 to only $140! I believe shipping is free on orders over $100 as well which is a great deal.

So, which slave is going to step up and get locked for Me and show off himself in his new Vice chastity cage?

xoxo Princess Shimmy

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