Hey subhumans, I’m so pleased to show off the extreme findom 90k milestone one of My top money slaves has surpassed.  That’s 90 fucking thousand dollars CASH MONEY for Princess Shimmy on NiteFlirt, My cut.  So if I were to count NiteFlirt fees (30%) he’s spent waaay over 100k… but of course I only care about what I got on My end.

Can’t wait for that 100k milestone.  And I know he can’t wait too because that’s the power I have.

This is real findom. This is real sacrifice, slavery and findom magic.  Eat your hearts out, money slave wannabees.

Side note, isn’t it kinda funny he’s never even called Me? Not even once? Haha!

Extreme Findom

If there is any questions about it, yes I have acquired this slave by using Black Magick.  He’s been spiritually bound to pay Me through no one else’s will other than My Own.


That’s it for now.

Findom Black Magick

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