Hey pets, it’s been so long since I’ve put out a new erotic hypnosis MP3.  Lucky for you I just released a new one today and it’s one of the best I’ve made so far.

Aura Infiltration MP3

In this guided meditation MP3 I help you open your aura so you can feel the waves of energy flowing inside of you. I slowly and sensually infiltrate your aura causing you to become more easily influenced by Me and My control. You are made to feel relaxed and safe with My dark presence. My soft, gentle and mesmerizing voice will make you realize you are merely a tool in the forging of My abysmal empire.
Easing you into black magick has never been so easy.

MP3 Features: Guided Meditation, Guided Breathing, Aura Domination, Energy Play, Sensual Domination, Multi Layers, Binaural.

*Listen to this MP3 with headphones on to fully experience the audio effects!*

Buy from Princess Shimmy through Niteflirt.com

Now on to other things!

It’s so funny how some of you slaves think you can escape Me.  You binge spend, then run away and delete your NiteFlirt accounts.  Within a few weeks you’re back on the rebound again, falling harder and spending more than you did the time before.

Take “slaveboy” here for example.  He’s deleted his NiteFlirt account 6 times so far in an attempt to get away from Me and is unsuccessful every time.  Every time he comes back I literally take thousands from him and it just keeps going up and up with each interaction.

I lured him in even harder than before this time by allowing him to call My webcam worship line and see My beauty live. Once he saw Me in My fishnet dress, he was mindblown and fully under My spell and I extracted $1360 *MY CUT* from him directly.

In his own words: “I have become more of a zombie than human. Once the demons she commands get into the flesh there is no turning back. I’ve come back six times under different names. I am at my wits end. Last time she almost made me leave my wife.”

This webcam worship session brought My overall total on NiteFlirt to over $1660 for the day. Not bad for one night’s work, huh pets? Teeeheehe.




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