Greetings fags!!
Sooo I finally got around to tackling the mountain of packages I tweeted about days ago on Twitter. LMAO!
See the thing about Me is, I am ridiculously fucking spoiled… and not just spoiled… spoiled and ungrateful! I’m pretty sure when ordinary girls get gifts and packages they drive right into it enthusiastically jumping up and down clapping their hands like *yaaay!*
Not Me!! LMAO.  I chuck your shit into the back of My Mercedes and leave it there for like a week or two.  Or even worse, I put it into the pile of packages in My hallway untill it builds up like the leaning tower of Pisa, threatening to tip over like an avalanche and kill any unsuspecting pets that might have been lurking around it. LOL.
My BF has started complaining about the packages, so I’m going to TRY to get better with opening My gifts.  I know you losers work so damn hard at your day jobs, slaving away for your dollars…. while I sit back and live My life the way I want to.  I don’t have to wake up at 6 am bitch hours like you.  I sleep in until 11 am, strut on over to My office in My PJ’s, check My emails, virtually slap around some slaves to get what I want.  Heck, I don’t really even need to update this blog. You losers still bow down to Me and I fuckin’ love it.
Alright, on to the gifts….

 Behold!! Greed mountain!! Don’t tip it over otherwise you might not ever be found again. LOL.
Do you think I need more shoes???
Mmmm bet you wish you can suck those toes, foot bitch!
These are “Barbie” heels made by The Highest Heel. Cute huh? I wonder if I’ll ever even wear them LOL.
Versace and Dior sunglasses. Only the best eye wear for ME!!
Anna Sui Rock Me, Harajuku Girls, YSL Babydoll and Vera Wang Rock Princess perfumes.  A huge bottle of Wen hair conditioner and Coochy shaving cream.
Skullcandy headphones, Hello Kitty plush doll set and iHome Color Tunes ipod player.
Iron Fist Zombie bag (so fucking cute, I know! I LOVE Zombies!!), Harajuku Girls purse and Yoshi plush slippers.
Garmin Nuvi GPS and a Juicy Couture charm starter necklace.
Some clothes from Karmaloop. “I hate love,” how fitting for Me! LOL.
Some Hella Kitty sweatshirts (Love these) a dress and Zombie girl top… did I mention I love Zombies?
Well that’s about most of it.  I don’t take pics of all My gifts… that’s too big of a task 😛
So, what’s new with Princess? Right now I am exporting all the old blog posts from this blog to Eventually I will be doing all My blogging from My home website so be on the lookout for that! This… is gonna be a huge task. Thank goodness I haven’t been doing much blog updates for you losers recently LOL.
Alright, I am off to live My life but I will be back with another blog post maybe tonight… or maybe not. HAHA.  Ta ta for now suckers.

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