Hey puppets, I’ve added a hot new *exclusive* video clip to My OnlyFans page!  The monthly subscription cost is only $35 per month for now until the end of summer, so be sure to join ASAP! Otherwise if you want to buy this video outside of OnlyFans, it will cost you 1k 😈

Dangerous Addiction *Exteme Findom*


*Warning! Extreme Financial Domination Ahead!*
You know you should stay away but you simply cannot resist. You know you should run but instead you CRAWL on your hands and knees back to your dangerous addiction.
You can’t. Fucking. Stop.
And you’re not allowed to.  I’ve made sure of that.
Nothing feels better… nothing can compare to the domination, the submission, the enchanting magick and powers of High Priestess Princess Shimmy.


If you want to purchase this clipette outside of OnlyFans it is available for the premium price of $999 from:
NiteFlirt using the button below:

Buy from Princess Shimmy through Niteflirt.com

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