OnlyFans : New VIP Twitter


I’ve got great news for all the financially submissive men from all over the world who worship ME! I’m now on a great new site called OnlyFans where I’ve been adding tons of ass worship, cleavage worship, femdom witch fetish and all sorts of sexy findom princess pics to mesmerize you into submission.

It’s like Twitter except it’s VIP only – therefore I will be posting more pics than I normally do publicly (because you all know how much I loathe freeloaders.) You can even use it to send Me findom tributes.  In fact, OnlyFans is now one of My favorite tribute options because of how fast and easy it is!

The price is only $35 per month for now. I will be increasing that rate in the future as I add more content, so you better hurry and join now so you can get in that price.  Be sure to show your submission in cash afterwards, as a ‘Thank You’ for My generosity in allowing you to serve Me like this!

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