Hey My spiritual slaves.  Let’s spice things up with a little interactive occult domination. Come get real time humiliation commands by the spirits themselves with My Femdom Ouija Board.  I mean, it’s just a game so it can’t hurt… right?

I’ve released the lite version of My infamous Femdom Ouija Board for FREE to play online.  You need to be sitting at your desktop or laptop in order to use the planchette.  The Ouija Board will not work on your phone or tablet, unfortunately.

You use your cursor or trackpad as the planchette itself and let the spirits take control.

Occult Domination

One word of caution though:  if the spirits of the Femdom Ouija tell you to tribute, I highly suggest you OBEY otherwise you risk offending the spirits… and that might not be such a good idea.

Don’t let that be you… 😉

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