Possessed Hand Hump JOI – Audio Mp3

Possession Fetish

Possession Fetish

Possession Fetish & JOI: I summon a forcefield of dark energy into your hand that will have your hand completely possessed! You will be screaming out and moaning like a WHORE as you mercilessly fist fuck yourself for Me. You will become a literal jack off hand puppet, for Princess Shimmy – the Domination Demoness of femdom sex magick. You will get taken over and your body will become an empty shell and vessel for My jerk off commands.

I start off with a relaxing guided meditation that covertly grips your mind into submission and leaves you open to My dark spiritual influence. And then I use real femdom witchcraft & black magic techniques to hijack your mind and body, bringing the hand that you jerk off with into FULL POSSESSION. You never thought it was possible to have a possession fetish, now did you My puppet? Well, get ready to experience a transcendental jack off experience of a fucking lifetime brought to you by your spiritual mentor High Priestess Princess Shimmy.

Format: Audio MP3

Length: 11 minutes

MP3 Features: Femdom Witchcraft, Jerk off Instructions, Guided Meditation, Possession Fetish, Sex Magick, Trance & Erotic ASMR Whispering.

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