I am THE Femdom Witch & High Priestess of Slaves. The Domination Demoness. The dark sadistic Sorceress of Sex Magick & Black Witchcraft.
I use My wickedly powerful sorcery, spells, curses and enchantments to addict you. To dominate you. To bind you into eternal slavery and submission.
There is no getting away from this.
There is NO WAY OUT.
This is the ultimate control.
This is real femdom witchcraft.

This is a manifesto of a REAL femdom witch and this is My confession.  These are My motives for your spiritual domination. This is why I do it all.

Femdom Witch

Manifesto of the Femdom Witch

According to occult numerology, I am life path number 11, with is the most intuitive and illuminated of all the other paths.
It means I am an old soul and enlightened being; a literal living Goddess born into this 3D world!

This is my final incarnation here on planet earth and it is my destiny to ascend in this lifetime. I have awakened My third eye and activated my kundalini giving me limitless powers over the unseen forces of this word and the next.

As a dominant female I have always craved control and sought out the dark mysteries of the occult to tap into limitless power. Magick has always come naturally to Me as I was born a natural femdom witch. I ruthlessly financially enslave those who become trapped in My web and use My femdom spells to bind them to My will.  I turn slaves into spiritual target practice and use black magick to make sure they can never leave!  As an expert of hypnosis, mind control & the dark occult arts, I am a particularly dangerous femdom witch.

I’ve worked and allied myself with dark forces to become the powerful Woman I am today and will continue to Ascend until the day claim My throne next to the Old Gods.

I am building an astral empire and army of slaves & male concubines who serve Me and do My bidding at My command. My Goddessform is rising and becoming more and more powerful every day. With each soul I collect My astral army becomes stronger.  Each man who orgasms for Me sends Me their sacred sexual energy which empowers Me more and more.  You are feeding energy into My infernal Goddessform every time you worship and submit to Me.
My Goddessform is a dark Goddess of lust, love, war and dark bittersweet revenge.

So here I rise for you all to worship and bow before Me.  Know that I am NOT one to be trifled with.

Proceed with caution.

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I’ve got great news for all the financially submissive men from all over the world who worship ME! I’m now on a great new site called OnlyFans where I’ve been adding tons of ass worship, cleavage worship, femdom witch fetish and all sorts of sexy findom princess pics to mesmerize you into submission.

It’s like Twitter except it’s VIP only – therefore I will be posting more pics than I normally do publicly (because you all know how much I loathe freeloaders.) You can even use it to send Me findom tributes.  In fact, OnlyFans is now one of My favorite tribute options because of how fast and easy it is!

The price is only $35 per month for now. I will be increasing that rate in the future as I add more content, so you better hurry and join now so you can get in that price.  Be sure to show your submission in cash afterwards, as a ‘Thank You’ for My generosity in allowing you to serve Me like this!


Hey slaves! Check out My latest corset fetish and sensual domination video clip!

Weak and Submissive

Corset Fetish

Making you gaze deeply into My perfect cleavage as I seductively brainwash you into submission.  Remember this is not about you, it’s all about Me.  It’s about you learning what it will take to please and make Me happy.   I guide you through the deepest levels of mental domination making you so weak and submissive you will mindlessly obey Me for anything and everything…

Clip Length: 5:33

Format: MP4
Clip Features: POV Breast Worship, Brainwashing, Boob Bouncing, Corset Fetish, Shiny Fetish, Trance, Sensual Domination and Mental Domination.

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Hey slaves! Check out My latest Femdom Witchcraft video clip:

Femdom Voodoo Doll Binding Spell

Femdom Voodoo Doll

I summon the powers of Darkness to help bind you into submission before Me, making you completely and totally OWNED. Once you see My perfect cleavage in this skin tight corset you will hand over all control without hesitation. My sultry voice and binding spell is far too dangerous and arousing for you to resist.

I start off with a full body relaxation meditation that puts you into a full blown gnostic trance. You are powerless before Me as I stick your femdom voodoo doll with My infernal pin of domination to drive My Will further into your mind, body and soul. My expert knowledge in black magic and witchcraft will ensure you never leave again…

Beware! This is permanent and real femdom spellcasting by the wicked Sorceress & High Priestess of slaves: Princess Shimmy. I’ve also loaded this video clip with subliminal messages. This is not a game.

Format: MP4

Length: 5:31

Clip Features: ASMR Whispering, Guided Meditation, Occult Femdom, Breast Worship, Corset Fetish, Subliminal Messages, Objectification & Witchcraft Fetish.

*Warning! This is a 100% real black magic spell that cannot be reversed! Purchase at your own risk!*

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Findom Black Magic Domination Spell

Findom Black Magic

Gaze into the candle as I cast My powerful findom black magic spell over you.  I lead you into a dark, esoteric journey with a relaxing guided meditation and full body induction that will leave you open to My witchcraft. I invoke the powers of the four quarters & elements to bind you into complete submission before Me. This is real occult domination that will cause permanent and irreversible effects to your dharma and life path. You will be brought to your knees by My dark spellcasting ritual and be left begging to submit to the Femdom High Priestess: Princess Shimmy.

*WARNING! This video clip contains a 100% real black magick spell! Purchase at your own risk!*

Clip Features: Femdom Spellcasting, Binaural Audio, Guided Meditation, Whispering, Erotic ASMR & Good Boy Triggers.

Clip Length: 6:18

Clip Format: MP4

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